COVID-19 Studio Response

Hello my dear fellow human beings. I am not interested in fomenting any panic, and I know that keeping a calm heart is definitely the best kind of medicine, but I must acknowledge that these most certainly are critical times that we are living in.

Our art studio is located in San Diego, California, and in accordance with current state and county guidelines we are going to take all precautions necessary to make our studio continue to be a place of safety and healing. We will remain open to the public, however, we will be open by appointment only. I will still be holding one-on-one private art and creativity lessons in the studio and online. However, hand santizer will be dispensed upon entering the studio, and a distance-thermometer will take your temperature. If you have a fever, you will be asked to cancel your visit for the day and reschedule when you are feeling better. Regular cleaning and santizing of the studio will be taking place and social distancing practices recommended by the World Health Organization will be followed. 

All of that being said, however, you would be most welcome to visit the art studio. Right now are stressful times and art is incredibly healing. Due to this, I am opening up more space in my schedule for private lessons and coaching, both in person and online. I am a certified Theraputic Art Life Coach and I am currently offering lessons using techniques from Theraputic Art, the Artist's Way, and Drawing Instruction classes that emphasize the use of the so-called Right Brain mode, which, I find, is an excellent way to help focus on the beauty in the world.  

Click here to see my webpage on Private Art Instruction and current prices.

Love will get us through this. Remember that Love never fails.


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