Here I want to show you a little bit about what is going on behind the camera, because even though the images can be wonderful, the process of getting there should also be so. The images in this slide show are from a photo shoot that was an editorial assignment and I was working with journalist Austen Marshell.

In this editorial assignment, my challenge was not only to create the images for the band, but also to coordinate the entire photo session. I had to arrange for the studio space and time, and I also coordinated this with the schedules of the journalist, myself, and the band and their manager. I also had to secure a makeup artist, a first assistant, a second assistant (who also shot the "behind the scenes" images), and some kind of entertainment to keep other band members focused and happy while I shot the individual portraits of the band. It was a very pleasurable and satisfying experience for me to be able to coordinate all of that successfully.

Model releases and property releases were all acquired easily, the shoot went smoothly, even when little hiccups occurred (for instance, the original second shooter bailed at the last minute and the second assistant then stepped up to the plate, even though he already had things to do, I love that; also we had a minor equipment malfunction at a key moment, but the assistants and myself just pulled together and quickly resolved it and moved on).

At the end of the shoot, we all sat around at the table, enjoying some refreshments. I was going to ask everyone how the day was for them, but before I could even bring it up, I was complimented by some very genuine thank yous for the great experience- not only from the band, but also the makeup artist, the assistants, and the journalist!