I make images because I like to explore. I believe the camera is an excellent tool for exploration. Each one of us can pick up a camera and become our own National Geographic. That's what I am doing. Some of my work explores things inside of me, much of my work explores things outside of me. I love to SEE. I believe in seeing and listening and trying to understand and in building bridges. Photography is one of the ways that I do that...

As a full-time Professional Photographer since the film days, I have had the opportunity to work on various projects allowing my experience to be very broad in the world of Photography. 

Being born and raised in Los Angeles I have had also had my fair share of working for the Entertainment Industry and have enjoyed my experiences there. Among my photography clients, I have had the opportunity to work with and photograph bands like Maroon 5, Lit, Eve 6, Rooney, as well as people like Jason Schwartzman, MTV's Puck, and many others. 

In the ever changing world of Photography, strengthening my business via diversification is my ongoing goal as well as something I see to be a necessity for all photographers in the digital age, however... 

Beyond mere necessities of business, my goals have not changed since I began as a Fine Artist, and those are: to travel, to meet many interesting people, to work with many interesting people, and use my career and life to enrich the world as best as I can.

My expertise in photography not only covers the technical aspects of the camera, how to do the work, and workflow, but I also am very familiar with the business side of photography as well as the legal and ethical side. I can guide anyone needing to understand these issues.

I really love to work in a team. Aside from having my own studio clientele, I enjoy working with companies looking for someone to direct or oversee their photography department on a contract basis, or work with businesses who need a photography consultant.

I specialize in Storytelling. Whether the work is an Editorial piece requiring a documentary look or a Commercial project requiring promotion of the subject at hand, the key to it all is Storytelling. 

Since my background is in the Fine Arts and I went to school to be a painter and studio artist, my take on Photography tends to be different than other photographers. My style is unique and you will not find it elsewhere.

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