I have been a full-time Professional Photographer since the film days and a working fine artist since high school. I have had the opportunity to work on various projects, and I am thankful for and humbled by the enriching experiences I have had.

My goals have not changed since I began as a Fine Artist, and those are: to travel, to meet many interesting people, to work with many interesting people, and use my career and life to enrich the world as best as I can.

My expertise in photography not only covers the technical aspects of the camera, how to do the work, and workflow, but I also am very familiar with the business side of photography as well as the legal and ethical side. I can guide anyone needing to understand these things.

I really love to work in a team. Aside from having my own studio clientele, I enjoy working with companies looking for someone to direct or oversee their photography department on a contract basis, or work with businesses who need a visuals consultant. I am also open to working in-house under the right circumstances.

I also teach, but only on a part time basis, because I am very busy actually doing the work. I just also happen to love teaching.

Since my background is in the Fine Arts and I studied to be a painter and studio artist, my take on Photography tends to be different than other photographers. Also, I have studied Filmmaking and the art of Visual Storytelling. All of this put together means my style is unique and you will not find it elsewhere.