Live Art and Music at Brewley's Pint in Pacific Beach!

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A little known fact about me is that before photography, I was going to school for Fine Art.

Painting is my first love, but alas, photography became my livelihood. However, when I get to find opportunities to meld my two loves, it makes me very happy. Throw in some live music, and now we're really talking. Add the benefit of a cozy European-style pub and heart-cheering libations and you are just this side of paradise.

I found myself in just this kind of feel good atmosphere at Brewley's Pint in Pacific Beach (or PB as the locals call it) March 22-24 for the LiveArt and Music Fest they put on. It was three nights of good vibes. There were local musicians playing acoustic sets each night and three, sometimes four, visual artists from the Infusion Project making art (mostly acrylic paintings on canvas or wood) right on the spot.

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 Brewley's Pint is already my favorite pub in PB. 

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The bartenders always introduce themselves and shake your hand. The beer is good, served with a smile, and their pint is 20 ounces, just like real Irish pubs.

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The Happy Hour is a total steal at $3 for a glass of beer and $5 for a pint. There is also a pool table you can play for free, shuffleboard, and a giant Jenga. A perfect hang out spot. The only downside is that they only have a beer and wine license, so you can't order a real Irish Car Bomb. However, they do have soju-based liquor that, according to Brewley's manager Rob, you can't taste the difference from.

197180 143598585706378 247307 nThe visual artists from the Infusion Project were creating pieces that they completed, for the most part, during the duration of the three day show. They often captured an aspect of the event- either the feeling of the music, the vibe of the room, or, in one case, painted the singer from the show that evening.

My favorite piece of the show was the large canvas that all four artists ending up contributing to during all three days of the show. The painting was somewhat of a representation of all three night's events. As one of the visual artist's said, 'it is like a visual recording of the happenings of the evening.' It sold before the show was done. Actually, it sold before it was even fully completed.

190551 143598439039726 7113768 nThe manager of the pub is Rob LeFort, and no mention of this evening, and Brewley's, would be complete without it. He is the one who brought this goodness to Brewley's and he is constantly innovating new and exciting events for the pub. I will definitely be spending more time here in the coming months (more on that later) and I would recommend this place to everyone over 21.


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