Pieces From My Recent Gallery Showing

2-16-09 Middle Eastern Dance


A few weeks ago (or maybe almost 2 months now, gosh, how time flies!) I participated in a Sabrina Ramos Event, a photography show, at the Sarah Bain Gallery in Pomona. It was really a fun experience, even though I only found out a couple of weeks before the show what exactly the theme of the show was. But, actually, that kind of insanity before a show is quite common...

Originally I had thought that this was a painting show, which I also do paintings, and so I started to gather some work and think about canvases and frames. I had only about 2 months warning, but I thought I might be able to swing it, even though the month just before the show I was going to be in Denmark, and the month just ahead of me was one of my busiest work months of the year.

So, I gathered my work together and left for Denmark and wouldn't you know it, it was then that I got the flyer for the show- it was a photography show. So, while I was in Denmark, thanks to Flickr, I made up something from a recent shoot just before I left the country. It turned out ok. This is the first piece I did. I will also post the others in the coming days. I am thinking about selling these on my website as prints, as well.

At the art show I had this printed on satin finish and mounted on wood. The frame was red velvet. I built the frames myself. The person who ended up buying this piece absolutely loves it, which makes me feel pretty good actually. You know, you put so much work into a show, so much blood, sweat, and caffeine. Its nice to see someone really appreciate what you did.

So, what do you think? Would anyone buy this if I went through the trouble of making it available as an art print? I'm thinking about selling it just as a print, no frame, no matting. It keeps the cost down and particularly of the shipping costs, because I deliver my prints all over the world.

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